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What is CryptoSpaceShip ?

It is a real-time browser multiplayer strategy/role-playing game fully developed with blockchain technology

What do I need to play CryptoSpaceShip ?

Use a desktop computer with Chrome or Firefox and install Metamask. Also you must be the owner of a CSS Token

What is a CSS Token and where can acquire one?

CSS Token is a Space Ship, compliance with the ERC721 NFT standard, each one is unique, transferable, collectable and evolve as they acquire experience playing on different games. You can acquire your first CSS Token in our site.

How is the gameplay ?

Each player starts the game as the Captain of your SpaceShip with undeveloped buildings and undeveloped resource collectors. The objective of the game is to evolve the SpaceShip, harvesting the greatest amount of resources (energy, graphene and metals), build a powerful fleet and reach the victory condition.

What is the reward ?

The winner takes the accumulated pot (the tickets of all the players). Also each spaceship gain experience points, when the spaceship reaches certain points of experience, it levels up and can train some of the QAI modules giving certain additional skills

Can I play with several CSS Tokens in the same Game? ?

You can be the owner of several CSS Tokens. But in a game you can only play with one.

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